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Return to Lonely Bay

Posted in Many Paths Many Voices

Lonely Bay, we meet again;
Two long years have passed,
Since I last gazed upon you,
With sadness in my heart.

I wondered then, “Why lonely?”
Alone perhaps; that’s true.
But lonely? Nay, that could not be,
‘Twas me just feeling blue.

That day your beach lay empty,
No footprints to be seen,
And something deep inside me,
Recognised this scene.

Perhaps your wild beauty,
Exposed for all to see,
Invited me to enter,
The lonely bay in me.

Lonely Bay, I thank you,
For reminding me once more,
Of that sacred invitation,
To rest, reflect, explore –

The depths of my emotions,
The fears that oft arise,
And gently let them spill
Into the sea’s outgoing tide.

Mandy Edwards © 2020

Lonely Bay, Coromandel