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A Year to Remember

Posted in Many Paths Many Voices

A year to remember,
Or a year to forget,
A year full of hope,
Or a year of regret?

A year of connection,
A parting of ways,
Or a year of great healing,
Through tumultuous days?

A year of much sickness,
Of fear and distress,
Or a year like none other,
To be grateful and blessed?

A year full of stories,
To learn from. Or not.
Some thoughts to ponder,
Some best be forgot.

My Dad passed away,
Near the end of this year,
And Mum lost her memories,
But alas, not her fears.

Their last months together,
Opened my eyes,
To the values of marriage,
Where love yields and binds.

And I was so heartened,
By country town care,
Supporting my parents,
When I couldn’t be there.

So much has happened,
I cannot tell all,
But I choose to remember,
As the last curtain falls.

Mandy Edwards (c) 2021