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Lonely Bay

Posted in Many Paths Many Voices

Why are ye named, so Lonely Bay?
Alone perhaps, but lonely, Nay!
How could this be, you have the Sea,
And all that’s wild and all that’s free.

Just feast your eyes upon the sky,
As battered clouds go racing by,
And listen to the throaty roar,
Of breaking rollers on your shore.

Whoever named, thee, Lonely Bay,
Perhaps felt sad and lost that day,
For oft when we are feeling blue,
Our mind is projected on the view.

Mandy Edwards © 2019

I found myself giving advice to an ‘internet friend’ on loneliness the other day; about learning to “sit with loneliness,” and it felt like ‘truth’ to me. I said, “Loneliness is a familiar feeling. I am coming to understand now, that it is my soul calling me to become aligned with my true self, where joy and peace wait patiently to be my constant companion. Sit with your loneliness. Befriend it. Ask it gently what it needs from you. For me it is a cry for more (self) love. And action of some sort that brings me back to a place of peace or calm. Going for a walk, playing my guitar, having coffee and a chat with a friend. I have wasted so much time feeling lonely and thinking that something is wrong with me. That I am not deserving somehow of love. It’s not true. Give yourself all the companionship and love that you need, rather than wait for something, or someone, outside yourself, to do it for you.