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Oh Mama

Posted in Te Wahi Ora News

They say, they can’t control her,
I say, let her anger have its voice.

They say, she cannot be contained,
I say,
Her mind is a cage.
Let her spirit be free.

They say, she won’t fit in, here.
I say,
Why need she pretend anymore?

They say, she will not eat,
I say,
She hungers for so much more than food.

They say, she will not sleep,
I say,
Let her rest upon your shoulder.

They say, she cries all day,
I say,
Tears are transformative.

My heart feels broken.

They say, her singing is like Mae West;
She says, “Do not compare me. I am myself.”

So proud of you, Mama.

I gaze into her eyes, and say,
I love you,
She says, You are a sweet, sweet girl, Mandy.

Oh, Mama.

© Mandy Edwards 2021