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Hide and Seek

Posted in Te Wahi Ora News

Coming ready or not, you call,
And I scramble one last time,
To find a dark secluded spot,
That I can claim as mine.

Yet the time for hiding’s over,
I’ve played this game too long.
This time I’ll let you find me,
And sing a different song.

Come and get me if you please,
I’m ready for you now,
I know I’ve mucked around a bit,
But no one showed me how:

How to find you in my heart,
My eyes have blinded me,
It’s taken me so many years,
But now I long to see.

Mandy Edwards © 2014

Much of my poetry seemed to “come out of nowhere” when I started this journey of self-discovery seven years ago.  And I often didn’t quite understand “why” I wrote them. Yet each poem I think contains a kernel of truth that I can see more clearly now, from a new level of consciousness. In this poem I am acknowledging the need to let my heart do the “seeing” – not rely on my eyes to make sense of an often-incomprehensible external world. When you open your heart and view the world through the lens of love the universe gifts you love right back. Yet such vulnerability can be frightening and it’s tempting to hide in a dark, secluded spot of safety.

I remember at the time of the Boston Marathon bombing, a follower on an internet site called, Linkedin, posted a poem I wrote called, Come and Get Me (A call to the Universe). And I felt my heart expand so much that I thought it was going to burst. It was frightening and exhilarating at the same time. “It is our light, not our darkness that frightens us.” says Marianne Williamson. On returning to Piha, recently, I had an urge to ‘return to the womb,’ to cover myself in darkness and allow something new to begin its incubation. I was drawn to the many caves along Piha beach. Perhaps my soul needed a little time out; to be nourished and held by the warmth and darkness of a spiritual ‘cocoon.’  To nestle into the loving arms of Te Wahi Ora; a place to belong to as you come into wholeness. For many years now I have tried to ‘hide’ from the very thing that I have been ‘seeking.’ I wish to come out now. And be the difference that helps change the world.