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Take my hand

Posted in Many Paths Many Voices

Let me take you by the hand,
Feel my touch and understand,
That I will never let you go,
While you peacefully slumber so.

Let me gently stroke your brow,
And you will soon remember how,
To close your eyes, relax
And know,
That you are not alone.

Let me wipe away your tears,
When you wake to unknown fears,
And we won’t talk about the past,
But let the present moment last.

You tell us not to say, “Goodbye,”
That’s a far too permanent cry,
Rather, you say, “See you later,”
Our loving, still all-knowing, ‘Mater.’

So hard for us to walk away,
But you somehow make it seem okay,
Knowing that we live apart,
Yet still reside within your heart.

Mandy Edwards (c) 2021