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2020 – The year that’s been

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2020, The year that’s been
Often heard but not seen

January started off as if things would be alright
Then a virus started to give people a fright

February the virus had reached our short
Life wouldn’t be the same for me and more

March New Zealand went into full lockdown
The stress and frustration made lots of people frown

April the lockdown was slightly eased
Which made some businesses more pleased.

May the lockdown was eased further, but for some not enough
Unfortunately, it didn’t save some people who had found it too tough

June saw restrictions drop except for at the border
Numerous times there wasn’t enough law and order

July was a month that was reasonably normal
Although not shaking hands seemed informal

August Auckland had reported cases which locked it down again
Even though it was for only a short time it bought about more pain

September the general election was postponed
Which meant a lot of people moaned and groaned

October meant Auckland went down to level one
So it felt like we might have finally won

November was quiet which saw only a few community transmitted cases
But for public transport users it was compulsory to cover your faces

December and the year of chaos have finally come to an end
Hopefully, next year we can all have more to enjoy in life and mend

31 Dec 2020