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Seat of Trust

Posted in Many Paths Many Voices

I’m driving on the motorway,
When tension starts to rise,
My eyes are focused outwards,
While my inner child cries.

She’s seeking my attention,
Jiggling up and down.
“What if, what if,” she’s shouting;
I take a breath and sigh.

We’ll be okay my little friend,
But I need you to keep still;
We’ll find our way to Piha;
Pinky promise that we will!

What if the phone’s not set right?
What if we’re going the wrong way?
I smile inwardly at Mandy,
Before her fear leads me astray.

I understand you’re anxious,
And I love you very much,
But today I’m in the driver’s seat,
And you will have to trust.

I’ve driven on the motorway,
Many times before,
So snuggle in my darling,
And soon we can explore,

The beauty that is Piha;
With wind and sea and spray;
And rocks and sand and jelly fish!
Together we shall play.

I place my hand upon my heart;
Lean back on the seat of trust;
And calm myself with loving thoughts,
As all great teachers must.

Mandy Edwards © 2019