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Borrowed glasses

Posted in Many Paths Many Voices

I peer at you through borrowed glasses.
Inexplicably, I have left mine behind.

Magnification doesn’t bring you closer.
Rather, you are blurred. Out of focus,

A bit like Piha beach on my arrival;
Obscured by mist.

I blink rapidly. Suddenly exhausted.
Bone weary.
What is happening to me?

I smile mutely; greet my old friends
Shyness and Self-doubt; unsure
how to join in the conversation.

You notice me; and gesture, Come.

And like a fledgling returned to the nest,
I settle beneath your wing,

Now it is safe to become real.

You ask me gently,
What have I come for? What do
I need? What do I want?

The enormity of these questions
Silences me.
And my heart spins wildly on its axis,
As I search for the answer. Love.

I think I’m here for love.

And as I peer through borrowed glasses,
I let the world be blurred and out of focus,

So, I can clearly see, My Self.

Mandy Edwards © 2019

“When caught in a healing crisis, our bodies are put into a cocoon-like state where rest, nourishment and often the assistance of supplements or medicine allow the body, mind, heart and soul to align, get on the same page and inspire the integration of our highest vibration into physical form.”Everything is here to help us, Matt Kahn.

In this poem, Borrowed Glasses, I come to the realisation that I had given to others all that I could; that now I needed to rest, restore and reconnect once more with my inner self; remember that I am the embodiment of love; and rest in that knowing. I had also come to the end of a year-long training programme and had run a Marathon only a month before, so quite frankly, I was exhausted. My body I think was protesting that I had not rested during the winter months; a time when naturally the body wants to hibernate a little. Te Wahi Ora Women’s Retreat was finally giving me permission to rest. No more “miles to go” before ‘I sleep.’