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Tui Talk

Posted in Many Paths Many Voices

Have you noticed
The humans have slowed down?
They’ve stopped haring around in those monstrous machines
And their factories aren’t pouring out that ob-noxious smoke
Sullying our air

Have you noticed
That we can hear ourselves sing again?
That it’s easier to breathe
And the water in our water dish is always full and clear
It’s like they actually care!

And have you noticed
That they’re outside more
Running and walking through our bush
Playing in our gardens – or just sitting
Doing nothing!

Yes, but why care?
They’re only senseless humans
They never seem to learn
I know, but maybe this time
Maybe they’ll notice

And decide they like it better this way
Our way
You know – outside
Singing. Dancing
In our fresh fresh-air

C Langenhoven ©

Lockdown, April 2020