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The Survey

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Filled in a survey the other day
Did you? What about?

Asked me how the world would look if the right decisions were made
Aah. Whad-ya say?

Said we’d work less, smile more
Everyone’d have food in their bellies, shoes on their feet, education and illumination
Yeah, that’d be nice

Said there’d be fish in the sea
Clean air and rivers, we’d be green with trees
Even better

Then it asked me how I thought the world would look if the wrong decisions were made
Oh! Then whad-ya say?

Well, pollution of course – bad air, mucky rivers, oceans awash with plastic
Social divides so vast to cause chaos, fighting for food and water
So whada-we do?

Well, pfff – guess I’ll keep filling in surveys
Hope they get to the right people, the ones that make the decisions
Mmm, it’s a start

And we can buy less, move less, use less
Just – less – less of everything
Good idea! Then we’ll have more!

C Langenhoven ©

The Survey, Lockdown May 2020