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Just Allow

Posted in Many Paths Many Voices

The sea roars majestically
Wave after wave, a foam of salt water
Like my tears, a reminder we are part of the earth, of the sea
Our time here is so short
Like each wave that hits the shore
It returns to the sea
Each wave made its unique presence known
Whether it came as tidal wave
Or a ripple of foam
It returns
Our lives leant for a moment
To love and be loved
To understand it in its purest form
Like nothing else can
To birth, to feel pain, to love deeply, to experience loss, the price of love,
A price worth its weight in gold
We are left with a void
Maybe time heals
Maybe it doesn’t
We choose what we learn
As uncomfortable as it feels
I will walk that path
Catch the sea breeze
Feel the wind in your hair
Allow the tide to return where it came
Allow the tide to return
Just allow

Manuia le aso
After returning from her brothers funeral, May 2020

The feature image with this post is Leao’s painting of the fantail that hung around a group of her brother’s friends after he passed away.

Leao Tildsley ©