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A Gift

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A Gift

There’s no poetry in my life
without you.
My muse, my light, my soul,
Where have you gone?
One short glorious year
I knew you,
And words came tumbling forth
in joyful song.
But then you left. As quickly
as you came.
And though I’ve begged you –
Speak! Please speak to me.
All I’ve ever heard
is silence.
Nothing but silence.  Oh!
Is that your final gift to me?

Mandy Edwards © 2015

This poem came from a line in a book called, Letters to Skye; “There’s no poetry in my life without you.” I had been struggling for some time to write my poetry, believing that I had lost all connection with God; with the Universe, with the creative, divine spark inside me. I’d also lost contact with a friend, who had been helping me on my spiritual journey, but had fallen silent; urging me, I think, to look within for the ‘answers’ rather than outside myself. I needed to quieten all the internal and external chatter and look to my own muse; my own intuitive self. As Confucius once said, “Silence is the soul’s oxygen – the true friend who never betrays.”

Illustration by Amelia Hamilton