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A Date with Spirit

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A Date with Spirit

I went for a date with Spirit,
Beneath a starry sky,
She led me through the darkness,
Her beauty rent me shy.

Gilded by the crescent moon,
Dressed in a glittering gown,
She filled my soul with wonder,
Her breath the merest sound.

I heard her tinkling laughter,
As she slipped into the tide
And though I lost her in the shadows,
She left her fragrance deep inside.

Mandy Edwards © 2018

This poem was inspired by Julia Cameron, (The Artist’s Way), who believes that our inner child, muse or artist, needs to be nurtured and ‘taken out on a date,’ from time to time, in order to deeply connect with the creative side of ourselves. Empathic healer, Matt Kahn, takes this further, when he suggests that spending more time with your inner artist, sets you free by ‘giving a voice to the parts [of you] that have been silenced and disempowered’ in the past. Poetry has certainly been my way to express my deepest feelings, in a ‘healthy and mindful way.’ (The Universe Always Has a Plan, Matt Kahn).

Illustration by Amelia Hamilton